Responsibilities of a Marketing Consultant

Responsibilities of a Marketing Consultant

Who is a Marketing Consultant?

To understand the responsibilities of a Marketing Consultant, it is first necessary to understand who a marketing consultant is and what a marketing consultant does. A marketing consultant is a professional who might work independently or for a consulting firm who basically develops strategies for his/her clients to enhance their business by luring newer clients as well as retaining the existing ones. To achieve these goals, a Marketing consultant develops and implements a marketing plan for the business developed after a thorough research of the company profile, its marketing needs and possible opportunities and trends in the markets.

What are the Responsibilities of a Marketing Consultant?

Businesses set goals relating to product sales that can be met considerably through better marketing. A marketing consultant helps achieve the client’s goals by performing definitive actions that fulfill the corresponding responsibilities of the marketing consultant. The responsibilities of a Marketing Consultant is divided into subcategories as follows:

Research and analysis

A Marketing Consultant first needs to understand the core of the business, its operations, marketing needs and available budget followed by a research on the present status of the business including markets, trends, sales results, competitors and their strategies. The framework for marketing strategy is based upon these information.The results from the study will then be documented and analysed to develop a new and better marketing strategy for the business.

Implementation of the marketing strategy

The consultant then presents the new marketing plan and strategies to the clients through presentations or written documents. The consultant tweaks the plan if necessary after considering the clients’ suggestions and implements specific marketing approach for specific products and services. This includes branding, communication strategies, media channels and other promotional activities. The strategy will be focused in spending the available budget effectively to meet the clients’ requirements.

Evaluation and corrections

A Marketing consultant is as analytic as s/he is creative. S/he will track the progress of the implemented marketing strategy and will not hesitate to improve the strategy as per requirement. The improvement of the strategy is a continuous procedure, always oriented to get the best results for the client. A marketing consultant also establishes methods for the clients to help keep track of the implemented marketing strategy and evaluate the performance accordingly.

In a nutshell, a Marketing Consultant is responsible for providing guidance to use the available money wisely to develop and communicate an effective marketing message for the products and services.